Friday, 1 February 2013

I pray for your terrible too's

We've all heard about the terrible tantrums of the two year olds (and they don't stop just because they turn three!). But what I'm referring to is a terrible t-o-o - an internal tantrum in your own heart that you may have. It's our excuse that we pass along to God for why we may not prioritize time with Him, or follow through on something we know he's calling us to do. Maybe you say you're too busy, too stressed, too tired, too shy, too broke - whatever it is, it's your heart's "no" phrased in a "terrible too". With your kids, you can see their potential and you want to encourage them to become the men and women God is calling them to be. Your Heavenly Father longs to do the same with you. We're all still in a process of growth and maturity. So my prayer is that you would allow God to work in your hearts this month to uproot your 'terrible too' excuse, and to step boldly into more of what He has for you and who He is calling you to be. I pray that you would extend grace and patience to yourselves. And that in moments when you find yourself tempted to respond with hesitancy, that you would be willing to trust God for His best for you, like you would desire your children to trust you.