Monday, 1 December 2014

I pray for your lyrics...

This month, my prayer has been inspired by the lyrics from the Christmas carols I've been listening too...

...oh, do you hear what I hear? .:.

Yes, there are little feet pattering across the floor... cutlery/toys falling... children arguing... car horns beeping... cash registers closing... a cacophony of sounds... but do you hear the symphony within? Do you hear God calling to you, inviting you closer.. deeper? All He wants for Christmas is you. (see what I did there? lol) I pray your heart would be tuned to His voice, and that you would prioritize seeking Him this season.

...let every heart would prepare him room .:.
I pray you and your kin would make room in your hearts for Him to dwell. He came to Earth and dwelt among us. And now, He dwells in us. I pray for intentionality in this for your family this season.

...a thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices .:.
Oh, dear child of God, this is a wearying time of year. Days are cold, and newscasts cast dark shadows on the light of God at work in this world.... but He is at work in the world. And remembering the birth of the Saviour, His death and resurrection, revives that thrill of hope, so let all within us praise His Holy name!

...He appeared and the soul felt it's worth .:.
I pray this truth would be made all the more real to you this season. You are SO loved, and SO precious, and the Creator, the Author of life itself, the Eternal One gave His only Son to bring you closer, to validate your worth in the face of an enemy trying to make you believe otherwise. I pray your soul absorbs that this Christmas.

...and wonders of His love.:.
Wonder is a default setting for children. I pray that you would learn from your kids in this way this year, that you would catch a glimpse of how wonder can capture your heart and pull you closer to The Beloved. Let questions unfold in your heart about God's amazing love, and how it completely surrounds you... I pray you let Him pursue you this season and allow His love to penetrate new areas of your heart.

It's so easy to let the depth of this season become mundane and to get lost in the surface details of cookie exchanges, bows and parties. I pray that your hearts would pause long enough this month to expand a little further into the amazing depth God has for you in the story of Christmas. He has so much in store for you!

O, Come let us adore Him!