Tuesday, 1 April 2014

I pray for your soils/gardens

As we begin this new season of Spring, Lord, I'm reminded of the importance of the intentional work that goes into gardening... and I recognize that a very similar process must take place, with similar intentionality, in our hearts and lives.
God, as we would cultivate the soil in our yards, please be tilling our hearts.

...as a garden hoe would do in a vegetable garden, please break down any hardness we have in our hearts towards you, or others;
...much like we would remove rocks and other foreign objects that don't belong in our gardens, God I ask that you would remove unnecessary impurities and barricades that block the deepening of your roots in our lives;
...just as we would be intentional about using the right, nutritious soil for our garden beds, infuse and purify the soil of our lives, that our hearts would be a welcome host to your seeds of truth;
...like worms help irrigate the soil in a garden, help us have the humility to welcome good 'bugs' in our lives, those that you place there for our ultimate health, even though we may feel uncomfortable with them.

Father, as we would plant seeds, I pray you would continue to plant your truth deep into our hearts...
...That just as we would plant a variety of colors, we would seek a variety of sources to hear your truth;
...That as we would strategically plant seeds for esthetics and practicality, that you would plant us in the right places to share your light;
...as we would discern plants from weeds, and uproot the latter, that you would grant us discernment between the work you are doing and the work that distracts us, and give us the wisdom to know how to uproot the imposters;
...That as we would intentionally water the soil, and care for the seeds we can't yet see, that we would prioritize time with you and other believers so the seeds you have planted can grow;
...just as plants naturally grow towards the light, Lord I pray we would naturally draw closer and closer to you;
...and thank you, Father, for your rains that water our gardens - our hoses supplement from what you have already provided - how true in our lives as well - you send us what we need all the time!

And still in this spring season, help us to enjoy our heart's harvest as we would enjoy our own gardens...
...as we would sit with friends in our backyards, remind us to sit and commune with you in our heart's garden.
...as we enjoy the fruits of our labor, help us to give glory to you - be it flowers or vegetables, or the many blessings and accomplishments we will see throughout this month;
...help us to work hard and to intentionally take Sabbath rest, seeking to keep a healthy balance in our lives.
...I give you praise and glory for the beauty of the hearts that are represented in this email list - the parents, the children, and the volunteers. I thank you, Lord, for the work you are doing in and through them. 
...and I pray that God would bless any actual gardens you may have, with an abundant harvest.