Saturday, 31 January 2015

I pray for your {football} game...

In honor of the Superbowl kicking this month off, my prayer is football related :) I pray for your...

audibles (verb) 1. a change in the offensive play called by the quarterback at the line of scrimmage.
...changing plans last minute can be tough, from co-coordinating multiple schedules to also adopting a positive attitude towards the change. So I pray that when your plans look like they won't work out as you thought or hoped, that you would be resourceful in your thinking, and be given the needed wisdom to make the best call moving forward. I pray against discouragement, and that your trust in God would grow as you depend more on Him to lead you.

encroachment (verb) 1. a penalty in which a defensive player is positioned in the neutral zone at the start of a play.
...whether someone is crossing your boundaries, stepping on your toes, challenging your beliefs or if your kids are pushing your buttons - we all have times when we feel encroached on, so I pray for your tempers, your choice of words, and your sense of personal safety. I pray you would have grace, and wisdom to establish healthy boundaries.

fumbles (verb) 1. drop or lose control of (the ball), sometimes causing a turnover
...we all lose control (tongues, tempers...). And since we never show that we don't have it all together on a Sunday morning, I pray especially for your drive to and from the church building - that you would feel less pressure, that you would be protected from lies of the enemy and that you would extend grace to yourself. I pray for grace and humility for you when you realize you've 'lost control', and that you would have the strength to admit wrongs, seek forgiveness from God and others, and be restored to wholeness again. I also pray that you would have an extra dose of humor for the next time you fumble, and that you wouldn't be too hard on yourself.

game plan (noun) 1. a strategy worked out in advance
...we all  have strategies and goals we are working towards. I pray that you would consult God on every play you make, or rather that you would let Him set your plays. I pray that your plans would be to honor Him and that He would be glorified in every move you make. I pray your game plan would lead to big and small victories in your life, freedom from struggles and that you would find fulfillment in your work/volunteering/stay-at-home-ing.

huddles (noun) 1. to gather or crowd together in a close mass
...I pray for your friendships, your family and any small groups you may be a part of. I pray for excellent communication in those relationships and for strong bonds to grow. I pray for unity between you and those you open up to, and for healthy, God-honoring relationships where accountability and encouragement flow easily and naturally. I also pray for everyone's specific roles, that in your circle people would function as a team, as the body of Christ, where everyone is truly on the same page.

punts (verb) 1. turn possession over to the defensive team by punting the ball after failing to make a first down
...sometimes you just need to know when to reset, and when to let go. I pray that you would feel the freedom to release what God is calling you to release...and punt. I pray that fear would not convince you to push harder or farther when God is calling you to stay, to wait, to switch focus. I pray for a worldview shift that allows you to see God's perspective on your situations - to see the bigger picture. 

tackles (verb) 1. 
...if you are being tackled, or if something is holding you back, I pray that your faith would endure. James 1 talks about trials and tribulations coming not to test us, but to test our faith, and I pray that whatever tackles come your way, that you would be strengthened in your faith and that you would see the fruit of perseverance and maturity. 
...if you are needing to tackle a task, project, lie, sin, etc.. then I pray for confidence, initiative and for the latter, I pray that you would do so fitted with the armour of God. And if it's the dishes you need to tackle, then I pray for lots and lots of joy. 

Fourth and inches (noun) 1. When a team is in a fourth down situation and less than a yard away from achieving a first down with the decision to go for it or to punt the ball away.
...We are all faced with situations where you have a short time period to make a choice, and the clock is ticking. I pray for your peace in these times. I pray for wisdom and discernment and for understanding from all parties involved. I pray that you would hear clearly as the Spirit guides you, even when many voices may be cheering out.

time outs (noun) 1. a short interruption in a regular period of play during which referee or other official stops the clock so that the players may rest, deliberate, make substitutions, etc.
...I pray for rest. I pray that you would give yourself permission to take the time you need. I pray that your time outs would be intentional, restorative, peaceful and empowering.

I pray that you would remember that God goes before you, just like your lead blocker would to clear the way and set your path straight. He is guiding you and He is with you.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

I pray for your waiting...

The New Year is often a time we make new resolutions and jump into new opportunities with both feet. Plans and schedules undergo reflection, just as our personal lives do - for now, perhaps more than any other month in a year, we are eager to make changes for improvement, in routines both external and internal. In our rush for refinement, however, we may neglect the important step of waiting on God. Therefore, my prayer for families this month is for your waiting.

I pray that as you wait on the Lord you would... strength (Psalm 27:13-14) hope (Psalm 33:18, 20-21) prepared for success (Psalm 37:34) trained to listen to God (Psalm 38:15) made more stable (Psalm 40:1,2)
...move away from revenge (Psalm 40:1,2)
...experience God's compassion (Isaiah 30:18) protected from shortsightedness (1 Corinthians 4:5)

Waiting on God is not a passive experience, but rather an active pursuit. I pray that God would direct your steps forward, and that you would jump in with both feet when, and only when, you are sure God has called you there. I pray that He would be the One you seek to help you change, and that you would listen to His Spirit's direction in what resolutions to make absolute in this 2015.