Saturday, 1 March 2014

I pray for your doors

This month, I'm praying for your doors. Again, it's sounds like a bit of a strange topic, but let's press in and pray for your doors...
I pray for the doors of opportunity in your lives. As you travel throughout your life, you will be invited into various positions of leadership/power. I'm praying for you, that you would make wise choices when it comes to taking on more responsibility. I'm praying for your protection in those roles you do step into - that they would only solidify the character you already have, and not tempt you to compromise on that. I'm praying that you would have incredible discernment as you decide on which opportunities will consume your gifts, time and energy. I pray that you would be presented with a variety of God-given opportunities that will lead to the furthering of His Kingdom in and through you.
I pray for doors that are shutting in your lives. Whether by choice or not, we all have doors that are closing on good and bad opportunities in our lives (relationships, dreams/hopes, promotions, etc.). It is my prayer that doors that are closing will be for your greater good, and that the doors that have been shut for this reason would remain so. I pray that you would not be tempted to reopen doors that should remain closed. I pray that you would have peace about doors that are currently closing. And I pray for healing in your hearts for those doors that slam closed on you unjustly.
I pray for the the doors in your homes, for each room they lead to, and each hand that touches the handles. Life takes place behind those doors - the fighting, the learning, the growing, stretching and loving. I pray that your doors would be covered in protection and that only good would enter in - I pray for a spiritual barrier against evil in any form that tries to enter through your doors. I pray for the guests that you welcome in - that they would sense something different, positive and safe about your home. I pray for the kids in your home, yours, and the ones they invite over - that as they walk through the doors, they would have confidence in who they are, and would stand taller as a result of walking through that spiritual 'veil'.
I pray for the doors in your heart... that as Christ knocks (Rev 3:20), you would eagerly invite Him in, to permeate every room of your heart - even the darkest crevices of closets long ago forgotten. I pray that you would be intentional in the upkeep of your heart's doors. From the heart the mouth speaks (Mt 12:34), and if good is stored up, good comes out (Luke 6:45), so guard you heart (Prov 4:23) with a good door.
I pray that you would earnestly "make every effort to enter through the narrow door" (Luke 13:24), by cultivating an ever deepening relationship with God and growing in your uncompromised convictions towards a life of prayer and surrender to God.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

.:.When I had my own apartment at Briercrest, the first thing I did after I moved in was to pray over my doors, literally. I encourage you to consider praying over various doors in your lives - from those at your work, to your home and in your heart. Doors are both entrances and exits, and we need to be intentional about who, what and how, we're entertaining and hosting through our doors.:.

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