Thursday, 1 May 2014

I pray for your boxes

I pray for your...

Lunch containers that hold nourishment for your family,
and small containers in your hearts that hold malnourished hopes/plans/dreams.
May you and your family receive the nurturing and nourishment you need physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Jewelry boxes that protect memories held in creative molds
and the boxes in your hearts that hug memories from the past {hugs that squeeze joy from them, or comfort the pain}.
As you reflect on the past, may you remember the many ways the Lord has walked with you, and be encouraged to cherish the treasures of the present.

Tool boxes that help you upkeep your home
and boxes with figurative tools you have to upkeep your heart
and relational tool boxes that you have to help in times of conflict.
I pray you would be equipped to constantly be working to grow, improve and fix yourself and your home.

Storage containers that hold decorations and clothes for other seasons,
and containers in your hearts that are storing emotions and experiences from recent weeks.
May God give you great wisdom and discernment for with what, and how, you fill these.

Donation containers that carry your blessing's overflow to others in need
and the containers of time and resources you draw from within yourself to give to others in the church, community and your family.
May you feel the freedom and joy in the release, and find your personal boxes full to draw from.

"Penalty boxes" that aren't fun to sit in, but do develop character.
Whether you're sending someone (an employee or a child) to one, or are in one yourself in your heart, or in your life's circumstances,
May you have the humility to embrace a lesson, and the fortitude to let the process shape you for the better.

Laundry containers that may look more familiar than your pillow, and the washing and reusing of your own heart's wardrobe.
Our spirituality isn't always new and fresh, sometimes we see old stories and lessons in fresh ways. So like a clean shirt you've worn a dozen times, may you find fresh perspectives in 'old' morals and lessons you have relearned a dozen times.

From matchbox containers and the ignition of new ideas
to jack-in-the-boxes and surprises that will come your way
I pray for your containers - that they hold good, healthy contents
that will not weigh you down, but enable you to make a Kingdom difference, for His glory.

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