Thursday, 26 March 2015

I pray for your {scatter}brains.

I pray protection over your brains as you receive, retain, and retrieve information.
I pray for the logical side, that it would process properly.
I pray for the creative side, that it would flow freely.
I pray for the short term memory - that your capacity would increase and the conversion to long term would become even stronger.
I pray for the long term memory - that it would remain accurate.
I pray release and healing for the trauma it holds.
I pray for order to come to the scatter.
I pray for a filing and release of the unessential.
I pray a loosened grip on lies that have been planted.
I pray a strengthening on the rooting of truth that has been planted.
I pray a health for your neurons, synapses and neurotransmitters.
I pray for your brain as it processes information, perceives information, transmits motor control functions your memory and your motivation/emotions - that you would have wholeness and God-driven processes.
...and really, I pray you would take an extra breath, because your brain needs to be fueled by oxygen! :)

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