Wednesday, 31 August 2011


A paper cut does not need stitches, but it still hurts. We have seven layers of skin. The deeper the wound, the longer it will take to heal, and the more care and attention it requires. Perhaps we also have emotional layers that act similar. But we can’t stitch emotional wounds.

If our wounds are left unattended, the healing process will be prolonged or even paralyzed; our hurts can cripple us. The deeper the pain, the higher the potential for prolonged damage. Emotional wounds are incapable of being numbed by an anesthetic, though some try by various means. If our wounds are tended, the pain can increase for a time, before mending. Though it is never quite the same, is it? Deep wounds rarely return to their full, whole beginning; they scar.

Perhaps we fear the scar or the reaction of people when they see our scar.
Perhaps we fear the increased pain that comes with rehabilitation.
Perhaps we fear facing ourselves, knowing the wholeness of our beginning and so knowing what we have lost and may not regain {this side of heaven}.

Fear keeps us from healing.

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